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Hastings MN All Night Grad Party

Who Are We?


The Hastings High School All Night Grad Party (Hastings ANGP) began in 1978, and has been a cherished tradition ever since. Our party is organized and hosted by HHS parents who contribute their talents, volunteer their time, and offer financial support. We celebrate our seniors' accomplishments at an all night celebration the evening of graduation. We rely on the financial support from individuals and businesses in Hastings and the surrounding areas to make this party a reality year after year.

This HHS tradition is an event with an aim that is twofold:


•To provide our graduates with an exciting and memorable way to celebrate graduation with their friends

•To keep our graduates safe and off the roads on a night that can sometimes lead to carelessness or tragedy 

We love Hastings and we love our children. We want them to be safe and have fun.

We are a self funding organization and receive no money from the school district. We rely on donations from our community to make sure this important event becomes a reality year after year. 

In 2011, we became affiliated with the Hastings Public Schools Foundation, and we are so happy that they are now our charitable partner. Because of their charitable organization status, all donations to the Hastings ANGP are now tax deductible!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Hastings ANGP, please direct them to