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Committee contacts and information

Emily Sherry

Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 612-396-1464

Cammie Flynn

Prize Co-Chair

Phone: 651-338-8591

Kris Biscoe


Phone: 651-503-4873

Jessica Dressely

Fundraising co-chair

Phone: 651-366-7130

Tricia Pelava

Webmaster/Social Media Co-chair

Phone: 651-343-6833

Tom Walt

Co-Security Chair

Phone: 651-470-1441

Scott Millner

Co-Chair Security

Phone: 651-366-0910

Mindi Tronnier


Phone: 651-428-3219

Michelle Tjomsland

General Chair

Phone: 651-398-3590

Jenny Moore

Food co-chair

Phone: 651-324-3136

Lori Nuytten

Food co-chair

Phone: 320-212-1263

Jenn Jackson

Co-Food Chair

Phone: 651-785-7814

Melissa Greenslade

Co-Programs Chair

Phone: 651-295-8568

Dorthy Allen

Co-Programs Chair

Phone: 612-501-9297

Tara Zgoda

Finance Chair

Phone: 651-331-4196

Ann Dohmen

Community Service Chairperson

Phone: 651-343-0101

All Night Grad Party Monthly Committee Meetings



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